Letter to a friend:

My dear friend,

I am writing down this letter the very day of the opening of  the G20 world leader’s summit in Cannes which is taking place in the “Palais des Festivals”, a building known for hosting every year the Cannes movie festival!

A message in itself?

It seems to me that they would have done better gathering in a Cathedral such as the famous one in Chartres.

The image of World Heads of State, on their knees, burning a candle or singing a psalm , praying god to bring them some light ,would have been such a shock that the people of the planet would have give them back the confidence that they have now somewhat lost ! The Greeks, Italians, French and others would have suddenly accepted to make more efforts, through the proposed drastic costs cuts plans. The American and the Europeans would have recovered their morale and their creativity. The Arab world would have seen better for what they are fighting.  The emerging countries would have had a clearer perception of the landscape in which they are progressing.

We do not need to be told every hour all these frightening figures!

We need our leaders to give us a vision, an itinerary, a direction!  Where do we want to go all together? What each of us needs to be prepared for?

My friend, to be frank, I have the same feeling concerning our submarine cable community! Our leaders, if any, seem to keep their eyes down on their bottom line!

I stay tuned but I cannot hear any message!

I am suggesting that the ASN organizers of SubOptic 2013 consider changing the venue of the conference.

We have great and prestigious monasteries in France

Jean Devos

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